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Applicant processing and selection is underway


The Applicant must:


*Be a US citizen and have a current passport
   (if spouse/caregiver is a foreign national - contact us)
*Have proof of Purple Heart status

*Attend and participate in all 'official' or mandatory events

*Sign a waiver and a 'hold harmless' agreement

*Submit to a medical screening and release medical records if necessary

   (All medical information is kept confidential)

*Not have a serious PTSD condition or any addictive behavior including alcohol,    drugs, gambling, etc. - a suitability interview will be conducted

*Be ambulatory, able to travel, wheelchairs are OK

*Provide a list of current medications
*Agree to name and photos being used by Purple Heart Cruise, Inc.
*Provide a minimum of 2 service photos and 2 recent photos
*Provide own transportation to/from Port of departure
*Have a credit card for on board purchases (Carnival requirement)

These are the categories and their priority for applicants:

PHR = Purple Heart Recipient

PHC = Purple Heart Cruise

Category 1. PHR who requires an ADA cabin and depends on a caregiver or spouse and cannot adequately function or travel without one.  2 travelers will be funded.

Category 2. PHR who requires necessary and occasional assistance from a caregiver or spouse.  2 travelers will be funded.

Category 3.  PHR who is Priority 1 or 2 traveling with spouse and 1 or 2 children (under 10 years) who cannot be left ashore, sharing 1 cabin. We will fund the family.

Category 4. PHR who is physically self-sufficient and able to travel solo and willing to bunk with another PHR. We will fund both PHRs.

Category 5.  Non-PHR who suffered severe injuries due to non-hostile event such as a training accident or an aircraft mishap. Applicants will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Category 6. PHR who has sailed on a previous Purple Heart Cruise.  PHR will have specific on board duties and responsibilities. We will fund the PHR only.

Duties include serving as a team leader for up to 10 wounded warriors and assisting as necessary.  Must attend all official and optional events. 

Please understand, the awarding of cruises is limited to the funding available.

We feel that all Purple Heart Warriors deserve to be acknowledged for their sacrifice no matter the degree of their injury and we regret cannot fund each request.  We applaud those who were fortunate enough to move beyond their pain and suffering to become success stories in their own right.  

Extended family members, friends and supporters are welcomed to sail with us at special group rates.

'Contact Us' if you have any questions.   

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